System Products

Electrohydraulic Valves, Motion Controllers, Sensocontrol Products, Custom Power Units, Pneumatic Fieldbus, Structural Framing, Parflange Orbital Technology & More

Parker manufactures Servovalves, Proportional directional control valves & pressure control valves, along with interfaces for precision control. We also have Sensocontrols for needs where continuous system monitoring is needed.

Kriha Fluid Power offers design and building of custom Power Units, produced in our Omaha facility. Typically, they will have a motor, pump, reservoir, filter, relief, sight gauge, breather and other needs specified by the customer.

Pneumatic Fieldbus options include the Isys series (Isysnet), and Turck Fieldbus systems, which are ideal for reducing installation time & machine cost for pneumatic valve systems.

Parker’s IPS Framing components is a complete line of structural aluminum for industry.

The Parflange F37 Non-Welded Piping system is a cost-effective alternative to welded piping & tubing.

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