Custom Power Units

For over 30 years, KRIHA FLUID POWER offers power units built to the customer’s needs

  • Our engineers, working closely with what your needs are, will design a system.
  • We will specify the most efficient, and ease-of-maintenance components.
  • We can offer compact units of .5 GPM to large units that generate 100’s of GPM.
  • Our custom units range from small vertical units, horizontal units, and units that need to be designed to fit a specific footprint in a certain area.
  • Fabrication, & testing of the units is done at our Omaha facility.
  • AND, whether it be one unit or a hundred, we have the ability to handle it.

If you have an EXISTING POWER UNIT, we can review, improve, upgrade the unit to your needs, or, if there are other problems on it, we should be able to troubleshoot & solve them.

Typical units consist of a motor, pump, reservoir, filter, relief valve, sight gauge, and filler breather.

Additional components can be designed in for the customer’s needs, such as valve manifolds, heat exchangers, accumulators, and various diagnostics, to name some.

When we design a custom power unit we generally offer:

  • Fixed or variable volume pumps, offering a wide range of flows & pressures
  • Specialty control options to make the system more efficient
  • High-efficiency electric motors, or gas & diesel engines for your requirements
  • Ease of component access for maintenance
  • Noise and vibration dampening in our designs
  • In-house painting of the units, &/or colors you specify
  • Testing after they are finished at our facility
  • Engineering support
  • Supply of schematics and specs if requested with the finished unit
  • On-site Start-up