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Electrohydraulic Valves, Motion Controllers, Sensocontrol Products, Custom Power Units, Pneumatic Fieldbus, Structural Framing, Parflange Orbital Technology & More

Parker manufactures Servovalves, Proportional directional control valves & pressure control valves, along with interfaces for precision control. We also have Sensocontrols for needs where continuous system monitoring is needed.

Kriha Fluid Power offers design and building of custom Power Units, produced in our Omaha facility. Typically, they will have a motor, pump, reservoir, filter, relief, sight gauge, breather and other needs specified by the customer.

Pneumatic Fieldbus options include the Isys series (Isysnet), and Turck Fieldbus systems, which are ideal for reducing installation time & machine cost for pneumatic valve systems.

Parker’s IPS Framing components is a complete line of structural aluminum for industry.

The Parflange F37 Non-Welded Piping system is a cost-effective alternative to welded piping & tubing.

Electrohydraulic Components

ElectrohydraulicElectrohydraulic Valves, Proportional Pressure Control Valves
Servovalves, Prportional Directional Control Valves, Electronic Controls
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Electrohydraulic solutions offer precision and control over hydraulic & pneumatic systems. They can be stand-alone digital motion controllers with user-friendly interfaces, electronic drivers to control pressure valves, and servo valves to help maintain position, velocity and force in motion control applications. Parker digital products can be configured using software that is available.

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Custom Power Units

Custom Power UnitsKriha Fluid Power offers custom-designed, built, and tested power units. We supply the customer with a power unit that satisfies the needs of their application; whether it is a horizontal unit that supplies pressurized fluid to hydraulic motors; which could be rotating conveyors, -; or a small vertical unit that may be tucked away under a table, possibly being used to provide flow to a cylinder that lifts a frame.

A typical unit consists of a motor, pump, reservoir, filter, relief, sight gauge, & filler-breather. Additional components are added to meet the customers needs, such as valve manifolds, heat exchangers, accumulators, & diagnostics, just to name a few.

Our fixed and variable volume pumps offer a wide range of flows and pressures, as well as special control options to make your system more efficient. We use high-efficiency electric motors, as well as gas & diesel engines, to meet your most rugged requirements.

Whether you purchase one custom unit, or a hundred, we have the expertise to guide you through the specifications, making sure you get a quality, well-functioning, and cosmetically-appealing power unit that satisfies your needs.

Parker Hydraulic

SensoControls, Diagnostics

SensoControllersView SensoControllers & Diagnostics (will open new window)

SensoControl Industrial Sensors are ideal for permanent installation where continuous system monitoring is needed. These precision engineered sensors are rugged in construction and deliver a high degree of dependability and performance with great stability & resistance to interference. They combine all the functions of mechanical sensors, switches, & displays into a single intelligent instrument. They are valuable in regulating the critical operating parameters (pressure, temperature, and tank level) for hydraulic & pneumatic systems. Parker’s Diagnostic Products are effective in troubleshooting for pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Today’s engineers expect ease of system monitoring, measurement and processing data, which is given by these diagnostic products.

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Pneumatic Fieldbus


Fieldbus systems are ideal solutions for reducing installation time and machine cost for your pneumatic valve manifolds. There are several types, but the Isysnet and the Turck are the most utilized. The Turck Fieldbus protocols are supported by the world’s largest PLC manufacturers. The Isysnet fieldbus systems have a broad application coverage also.

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Data for Isysnet Fieldbus Systems (PDF)

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Data for Turck Fieldbus Systems (PDF)

Parker Automation

Structural Framing - High Strength

Structural FramingView Parker IPS (Industrial Profile Systems) Framing (new window will open)

The modular t-slot aluminum profile system is ideal for use in designing, customizing, & building enclosures & guarding machine components. There is much more flexibility and cost savings for machine building, industrial automation, material handling & machine safety. It has become a preferred method for engineering, fabrication, and assembly in a multitude of industrial applications. Profiles and accessories are available in metric & inch-based designs.

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Parflange Piping Solutions

ParflangeView Parflange-Complete Piping Solutions (new window will open)

The Parflange F37 non-welded piping system utilizes orbital tube forming technology for tube assemblies 1/2” thru 6” flanges. Where there is no possibility to assemble a pre-flared tube, Parker provides the F37 Retaining Ring System, which also offers leak free performance & is available up to 10”. The system reduces piping system costs, and is applicable for numerous industries, including energy, mining, metals processing, testing systems and more. F37 Piping systems have numerous advantages, such as no ‘weld-induced’ contaminants, minimizes concerns of stress cracks of weld joints, Chrome-6 Free carbon steel, and more. It is also compliant with applicable ISO and SAE standards.

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